Wage Garnishment

Surprise! You get your paycheck one day and, by golly, it’s less than expected because someone has garnished your wages.

Wage garnishment doesn’t happen without a notice and a long process, but even if you know it’s on its way, these things can still creep up on you.

There is little reason to allow a wage garnishment to go on, but many ways to alleviate the situation. We can contact the creditor, set up a payment plan, determine whether you got proper notice and, either end the wage garnishment, or file a bankruptcy on your behalf, which will immediately stop the garnishment.  If you contact the attorneys at Faucher & Associates, we can help you get your paycheck back to normal.


Some results we have achieved:

– Garnishments stopped on filing of bankruptcy

– Payment plans allowing creditor and debtor to coexist peacefully