“Time was of the essence (less than 48 hours) in obtaining a tax opinion letter to support the discharging of my federal and state income taxes when an Offer In Compromise was involved in a Ch. 7 filing.   After talking with John Faucher, he understood my situation and provided the necessary tax opinion in time for me to file my Ch. 7 bankruptcy…John Faucher ‘saved the day’ for me.”

-Patrick Quinn, click to view Quinn Testimonial


“Mr. Faucher knew the procedural steps and how to affect them and he was familiar with the quirks, style, and mindset of the judge that decided the case. I would recommend Mr. Faucher as an excellent attorney in the area of Bankruptcy Law.”

 -Carol Koziol, click to view Koziol testimonial


January 3, 2013

John Faucher and his team helped me through a personal bankruptcy situation in 2012. They were extremely professional, helpful and kind during the process. They made things very easy for me, being able to do most of the gathering of data online and then representing the communication with the trustees. I have no hesitation to recommend their services.

Duncan Turner, M.D., click to  view Turner Testimonial


March 16, 2014

“John Faucher was a major help to me in fighting off the tentacles of a bank trying to attach all my assestes in a commercial foreclosure action. He provided clear guidance and counsel. In the end, the bank was able to take only the property in foreclosure. Mr. Faucher also provided clear guidance in setting up a family trust. I appreciate Mr. Faucher’s sense of morals and justice in both of these actions.”

-Paul Wendland, click to view Wendland testimonial


“Excellent at Debt Settlement”

Peter, former debt settlement client,  Avvo Reviews


“Working with Mr.Faucher renewed my faith in the legal profession and left me with the feeling that the legal system can actually provide an equitable outcome for the individual.”

Donald, client in bankruptcy with tax issues,  Avvo Reviews


“John is extremely knowledgeable and has a very calming demeanor which helped so much when it came time to actually go to court.  I would highly recommend John Faucher!”
Nancy N., Yelp Reviews


September 15, 2014

Subject: New Home Owner
To: John Faucher <jdf@johndfaucher.com>

Hi, John,

Just wanted to share – as of Friday we are new home owners! M. and I appreciate ALL the work and responsiveness to my file – it was truly appreciated. Like we said – once we repave cement, your initials are going to etched in stone.

Thanks again,
-D. & M. (bankruptcy clients)