IRS Tax Audit

For 10 years as an IRS attorney, Mr. Faucher defended IRS tax audits in Tax Court. During that time, he saw it all: from auditors who hardly work at all to auditors who put together 400-page Revenue Agent Reports winnowing between individual receipts for expenses on a horse-breeding farm.

We like to get  IRS examinations wrapped up fast. This generally involves the quick production of many documents, as well as the diplomatic skirting of sensitive issues.

We also  like dealing with doctors and medical professionals, particularly. The IRS sees them as easy targets because they tend to have high cash flow, many expenses, and often poor record-keeping. We know where the auditor (or the appeals officer, attorney, or judge) will accept the professional’s testimony rather than a document to substantiate an expense. We also know how to present a legal issue to an auditor so that the auditor either agrees or sends it to an IRS attorney for review.

Some results we have achieved:
– IRS concession of a $1 million issue involving payments between the operating corporation and the ownership corporation of a major hotel
– Reduction of an IRS audit report from a tax deficiency of $13 million to $600,000 by presentation of approximately 5 percent of the relevant documents.