Personal Biography

John and his family at his eldest daughter's high school graduation

John and his family at his eldest daughter’s high school graduation

John Faucher

John Faucher was born in Charleston, West Virginia.  When he was still a young boy, his family moved to Geneva, Switzerland for his father’s job with Union Carbide Corporation.  While there, John became fluent in French from reading comic books and attending the local school.  Three years later, his family returned to the United States, but this time, to a small suburb in New York.  There, John attended junior high and high school.  He continued his education at Dartmouth College, where he studied German and became fluent in his second foreign language.

John graduated from Dartmouth in 1982 with a degree in Political Science.  After graduation, he moved to the west coast where he worked as a reporter for the Berkeley Voice, San Clemente Daily Sun/Post, and New York Times before returning to UC-Berkeley for a Master’s in Journalism.

John's daughters like the rabbits more than he does...

John’s daughters like the rabbits more than he does…

While a young reporter in California, John spent many evenings and weekends playing pick-up soccer games.  This activity continued a love of soccer that John had developed while living in Geneva and also enabled him to acquire proficiency in his fourth language: Spanish.


Shortly after completing his Master’s in Journalism, John returned for law school at UC-Davis.  It was at this time that John met his wife, Karen; they have been married for almost 24 years.  John and his wife lived in Houston for a decade, where both their daughters were born.  The family moved again in the early 2000’s to beautiful Southern California, where they have remained for almost 12 years.  The family has grown too: they now have two cats, four rabbits, and (recently added) five chickens.  This is actually a modest animal inventory, as John’s wife and daughters have fostered dozens of litters of kittens for the Agoura Animal Shelter, which has often brought the cat count over ten (although just temporarily).  Moreover, John recently started raising chickens for fresh eggs and although there are only five hens now, plans are in the works to expand the flock soon.

John cares for his chickens daily.

John cares for his chickens daily.

John is an active member of his Catholic parish, St. Jude’s (in Westlake Village) through which he participates in numerous service and volunteering activities.  He served as a catechist or junior high students for six years.  He has been a lector, proclaiming the gospel several times a month, for the past eight years.  His favorite activity with the Church, however, is working the  Margarita Booth at the annual fair.

His favorite authors include Peter Drucker (The Effective Executive, Adventures of a Bystander) because of his interesting life and focus on getting the right things done; David Allen (Getting Things Done) because of his emphasis on, well, getting things done; and Annie Dillard (Pilgrim at Tinker Creek, An American Childhood) because of her precise observations and sacramental vision.

One of the most interesting things about John is that he is a descendant of a Catholic Saint.  St. Faucher lived in 12th Century Aureil, France, outside Limoges.  The relics and bones of this Saint are still processed before a special feast mass every seven years.  The next celebration (Ostension) will be in 2016.  For more information on Leonard Faucher, who came to America via Quebec in the 1700’s and his descendants who spread into the country through Michigan (the pop star Madonna is a distant relative of John’s via the Faucher’s), visit their site at .

In his free time, John enjoys riding his bike, reading, and hiking in the trails around his house.

John reads the Gospel to the congregation several times a month.

John reads the Gospel to the congregation several times a month.