California Franchise Tax Board

When people think of the Tax Man, they think of the IRS.  But for California residents, there are other tax agencies: the Franchise Tax Board (FTB), and for businesses, the Employment Development Department (EDD) and the Board of Equalization (BOE).

Income taxes are collected by the FTB, which behaves somewhat inconsistently.  It is lazy when it comes to audits, relying on the IRS’s work to determine how much tax is owed.  If the IRS audits a taxpayer, there is no time limit on the FTB determining the state income tax owed because of the changes that the IRS found.

However, when it comes to collections, it is very aggressive.  If it starts to garnish wages, it will not let go for anyone (including the IRS) except a bankruptcy court.

Mr. Faucher has extensive experience working with FTB lawyers, both as an IRS and a private attorney.   He has experience with FTB audits, installment agreements, and offers in compromise.

If you have an IRS problem and need to speak to an attorney, you should speak with someone who knows something about how the IRS and FTB interact.  Faucher & Associates will be happy to help you.  Call today.



– Stopped FTB audit which had raised an issue which would have resulted in $200,000 personal income tax liability.

– Reached payment agreements with FTB in 10 separate cases