Payday Lenders

Here is a very amusing and outraged report on “payday lenders” from John Oliver, the British reporter who apprenticed with Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert. He’s accurate in presenting the problem: desperate and unthinking people can get money easily, but they will pay astronomical interest and the lenders are unscrupulous when it’s time to collect. […]

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Five things to know when hiring your child to work for you

I love having my 18-year-old daughter work in my law firm.  She’s smart and motivated.  She gets to see law in action.  She’s done wonders for my website, and she gets the mail out. She keeps a timesheet.  I pay her through a payroll company, which withholds funds for income and social security taxes, among […]

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Investment Activity and Your Tax Return

Have your Investment Expenses Been Disallowed on Your Tax Return? Most people know that they can’t claim losses incurred by a hobby – say, for instance, their side hobby of breeding and raising Great Pyrenees dogs.  No profit motive, no deduction of losses. Despite the profit motive in investing, the same rule goes for investment […]

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Why incorporate a sole proprietorship?

Bankruptcy guru Cathy Moran writes again about corporate debt.  What’s the point of incorporating?  It’s usually more effective at protecting the business from the owner’s debts than it is in protecting the owner from the business’s debts.  Click here to read her article. The flip side of this is when a corporation incurs a huge […]

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Business credit cards

Many of my clients come to me with credit card debt on a business card.  Here are some of the ins and outs about getting a business card, from Cathy Moran in Redwood City.

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Large local business files chapter 11

I often ride my bike past the headquarters for THQ, a large video-game company in Agoura Hills, California.  In fact, it’s the third-largest employer in the city, after Bank of America and the local school district.   Two days ago, it filed for bankruptcy protection under Chapter 11 of the code (click here to view the […]

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Where can you file a bankruptcy case?

I had a client who lived in Europe – Luxembourg, of all places.  He went there because his business ventures in the US were going bad, so he took time away from this country.  His wife was a national of Luxembourg, so he moved his whole family to a house in the shadow of his […]

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