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John Faucher of Faucher & Associates is a bankruptcy attorney and IRS tax attorney predominately located in Westlake Village, CA, but serving many areas, especially in the Ventura, Santa Barbara, & Los Angeles Counties.We focus on bankruptcy law in Ventura and Los Angeles counties: helping local debtors get discharged from debt, helping creditors recover what they are entitled from bankrupt estates, helping settle disputes between debtors, creditors, and bankruptcy trustees.

We know the bankruptcy code and the people who make the process work in the bankruptcy courts in Santa Barbara and Woodland Hills.

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The way to get rid of traffic tickets in bankruptcy (it’s imperfect)

You file bankruptcy to get rid of debts you can’t afford to pay and to get the fresh financial start in life that you so desperately need. But remember … not all debts can be wiped out in your bankruptcy. The Bankruptcy Code lists several types of debts that can’t be discharged in bankruptcy. These […]

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What happens when I meet the trustee?

Every bankruptcy case has a Meeting of Creditors, often called the “341 meeting.”  It occurs about 30 to 45 days after the petition is filed.  My clients often tell me that they are scared of the meeting: will they need to explain why they filed bankruptcy?  What if they say the wrong thing?  What if […]

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Does bankruptcy even have a negative side?

Not all effects of bankruptcy are negative. Certainly getting rid of your debt and starting fresh is a positive effect of filing. Your name won’t be published in the newspaper (unless you’re famous). However, anyone who has access to your credit report will find out about the bankruptcy. This can make it more difficult to […]

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